Monday, 17 November 2014

Little Gems show at white space gallery Totnes

I am really excited to have 5 of my small cloud paintings in the White Space Gallery in Totnes. The group show is titled Little Gems and it features some fantastic works by many of my favourite artist including Sarah Bowman, Louise Balaam RWA and David Brayne RWS. The show is open until the 31st December Tuesday to Saturday.
The works I am displaying are an series of cloudscapes which encapsulate personal feeling of my day to day life. These colour studies give me the freedom to let my emotions come out in paint. The feel of the cloudscape changes every time I sit to paint. The paintings change depending on my mood, feelings, anxieties and general well being. The series is about what is happening in my life right now, that is the feelings and emotions about the birth of my second daughter. The clouds are parting for the first time since I started to paint them when I was expecting our first daughter. These work let me know how I am feeling before I really know it myself. They are becoming daily works that I create first thing in the studio. They settle my mind and get the paint flowing without having to think about them to much. That freedom allows me to pick up paint from yesterday's palette and use it to discribe today's mental state. Expressing that external hidden emotion first thing clears my creative side and allows me to render more than just my self in the rest of the days work.

Suspended by Greg Ramsden SWAc 16x12cm oil in resin